A deep raw textured piece contrasted against a gentle simmering relfection of the mountain scape on the Red Sea. A range of deep blue tones make up the impressionistic style both in the waves of the sea and the sunset.

Size: 40cm x 30cm with 1.5 inch deep edge canvas

Comes on a handmade, deep-edge canvas, sides are white. It will be carefully wrapped and shipped to your address.

Reflections of a desert past

  • Allow a week time for inspection and  packaging. Shipping varies depending on address but most worldwide destinations are possible.

    £10 UK

    £15 E.U

    £25 North America

    £30 China/Japan/Singapore AISA

    £30 Australasia  


©2018 Oliver Vaughan-Jones artworks

artwork photography by J. Vaughan-Jones and web photography by A. Woolford