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20% profits go to charity





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20% profits donated to charirty


Hi and welcome.

For those who don't know me, I'm Oliver Vaughan-Jones a guy from the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains in beautiful rural Mid Wales. I started to paint again as a way to cope with the pain and disorientation arising from a debilitating neurological condition which severely restricts my mobility.


I mainly paint in oils on canvas but do enjoy using all mediums and some 3D work. After a long time bedbound, the paintings are all imaginings and are not based or copied from landscapes or photos.

I am passionate about raising awareness of the M.E disease and thus 20% of all profits of any prints or work I sell on this website or elsewhere will go towards Action for M.E, UK M.E research and Disability Snowsports UK.


However, if you would just like to have a look and peruse through that's great and if you ever want to get in touch just head to the contacts page and send me a message.





Without intended pretention, I aim to provoke a real experience of being in the painting through key elements and textures.


I tend to paint with a lot of rich colours and heavy paint textures. My illness affects my ability to see a sense of depth easily and also paint for any length of time, this has a knock on effect in my work. These factors combined mean I tend to overcompensate with rich colours and far away horizons.


I mainly paint in oils on canvas to get the desired texture, but I use watercolour, pastels, acrylic and spray paint as well and often mix the media if it’s appropriate. I generally use heavy brushstrokes and liberally applied paint to get a textured finish.




Supporting Charity

As mentioned 20 percent of all profits from art or print sales go towards charity. If you are new to M.E then 'Action for M.E' has clear and concise information about the disease.

I also recommend the multi-award-winning film called 'Unrest' available on Netflix, Sky and Amazon video.


Please click on the Action for M.E logo to find out more